Rugged mobile payment terminal is designed for application in current e-commerce industry, financial insurance, retail, express logistics, police enforcement, counterfeiting, sourcing and more. Integrating customized application, security payment, fast data collection and information access features, it combines financial POS and traditional industry PDA to provide powerful solutions in different fields.



Application Fields

Transportation & Logistics, Garment & Chain Store, Retail Market, Wholesale, International Trade, Healthcare & Hospitality, E-commerce , Financial and Insurance, Government Law Enforcement , Manufacturing , on Flight Sales.


Integrated with all functions of traditional handheld POS and tablet PC. Based on Android platform,This Device is specially designed for electronic payment application of retail and business field. It supports bar code scanning, RFID reading and wireless communication to achieve more efficient, convenient, secure terminal solutions in a variety of industries; it also supports E-Payment function of multiple magnetic cards, IC card and inductive cards, to confirm the real-time and safety financial services of such pay application.

Handheld Data Terminal / Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

Highly ruggedized, flexible and easy to operate, handheld data terminal is designed for use in various industrial fields, including asset management, logistics, transportation, medicine safety supervision and production process management. Featuring dual OS (Windows CE or Android), 1GHz CPU, high-capacity battery and strong wireless communication ability including 3G, GPRS, WiFi and Bluetooth.

Application Fields
Transportation & Logistics, Garment & Chain Store, Retail Market, Retail & Wholesale, International Trade, Healthcare & Hospitality, E-commerce , Production Management, Government Law Enforcement



User can truly enjoy the wireless access to internet and making voice calls, sending and receiving e-mails, faxes and SMS anywhere, anytime.


MyCard Reader

The common information of MyKad such as Name, I/C No, Photo, Address, Race, Religion, Fingerprint and Driving License can be extracted using an authorized Card Acceptance Device (CAD). These information can be used for automated registration process, at the same time for fingerprint authentication.


Serial port TO Bluetooth CONVETOR

The adaptor eliminates your conventional RS232 serial cables, providing an easy-to-use, invisible connection with superior freedom of movement. This tiny adaptor allows any device with a standard 9-pin serial port to communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth. You can communicate with another Bluetooth serial adaptor or other Bluetooth-enabled.